lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

Bloggers brunch

This is a super cute video that Gabi made from the blogger brunch, check her out and suscribe!!!!!!

Since I stared on lookbook and instagram I have always wanted to meet other bloggers to get to know them and ask a lot of doubts that I have about blogging and for a long time I just have meet some beautiful bloggers around my country but never face to face, then, a few weeks ago I saw a post from a cute girl named Vianey about a blogger brunch and the most exiting part was that the brunch was in my city!!!! I really was nervous about meeting other blogger but the day arrived and I spent such a wonderful time around this girls, we talked, laugh, and share some secrets but most important, I got the chance to meet them and we will continue hanging out. Something weird but so cool that I experience with this girls was that I was taking pics of the food, the place and us and I didn’t felt weird to do it, it was so normal that it really felt amazing because we were all doing the same and when I go with friends they stare at me like a weird person because I take pics. It was such an amazing experience!!!!!!

You can also get to know them, I'll leave you their links:

Maria Fernanda:

Anni Beniara:


Gabriela lemoncello:


Cecy Ulloa:



3 comentarios:

Vianey Gutiérrez dijo...

Que padrisimas fotos! Muchas gracias por todo Judith, me encanto conocerte y lo más bonito es la comunidad que poco a poco vamos formando :)

Un abrazo,

judith loyola dijo...

Siii, en verdad que padre que se inicio todo esto. Me encanto conocerte y espero verte muy pronto!!!

Gabriela dijo...

<3 !!!