viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

Special day

This outfit it’s so simple but at the same time super cute, that you can use a beautiful dress to any special occasion. In this case the special occasion was my dad’s birthday where I decided to wear a White but beautiful dress and just add a final touch with this gold metal belt around my waist and some wedges, as simple as that, but I can sure you that you’ll look super pretty without trying to much.

Este outfit es muy simple pero al mismo tiempo muy cute que puedes usar un hermoso vestido para alguna ocasión especial. En este caso la ocasión especial era por el cumpleaños de mi papirringo así que decidí usar un vestido blanco muy bonito y solo agregar un toque especial con un cinto dorado de metal que puse alrededor de mi cintura junto con unos wedges, tan simple como eso, pero puedo asegurarte que te veras Hermosa sin tanto esfuerzo.

Dress: American Eagle.

Gold velt: Flea marcket

jueves, 21 de mayo de 2015

Harley girl

My dad is a huge fan of Harley Davidson, he always buys clothes with the logo and pictures, everything that involves Harley Davidson and I’m really not that into it but one day I arrived home from college and the first thing that I saw when I crossed the door was this awesome vest, it was truly love at first sight so I took it to try I ton and it was sooooo huge on me!!!! So I couldn’t took away the vest from my dad but I did a photo-shoot with it, in the photos it doesn’t look as huge as it is because I was making it smaller on the front but I just love the way it looks ¿have you had love at first sight with a clothing item? Well this was my first time and I will fin done that fits me =)

Vest: Harley Davidson

Black Dress: GAP

viernes, 8 de mayo de 2015

Pañuelo rojo

Since months ago I was dying to buy a off the shoulder top but because of the season I couldn’t find anywhere but now I was so happy when I found it. A few days ago I was looking in Zara a nice blouse so when I saw it, I was so excited and I couldn’t resist to try them on, there are only a few colors but I decided to go for White because I already have too much black in my wardrobe, if you’re looking for one I highly recommend you to go and try them on, they’re still in stock.

Off the shoulder top: Zara

Jeans: American Eagle

Sneakers: Adidas

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban