viernes, 26 de junio de 2015

Transparent stars

Cut out shirts stared to be on trend since a few time ago and I have seen amazing outfits of different bloggers using the with a lot of different cut outs designs. This blouse I bought it on Winter so I couldn’t wear it because it’s sleeveless and I forgot about the existence of this cutie but no won spring I saw an outfit with this type of cut out and I remember of the one I got on Winter time, so I looked for it and started using it and let me tell you that it looks awesome and at the same time so flattering and sexy, so I decided to wear it with some shorts and heels and you can see the result on my outfit photos, so, since then I have been in looooove with it. It is so versatile that you can wear it with jeans, skirts or shorts and look sexy all day long showing a little bit of skin on the sides =)


Las blusas con cortes el ellas empezaron a estar en tendencia desde hace un buen rato y desde entonces he visto outfits increíbles de diferentes bloggers usando blusas con cortes distintos. Esta blusa la compre en invierno y no podía usarla por que no tiene mangas e iba a congelarme viva y después me olvide de la existencia de esta blusa hasta ahora en primavera que vi un outfit con este tipo de corte que me acorde de la blusa que tenia entonces la busque y desde que la encontré la use al instante pero déjenme les digo que luce increíble, se ve tan linda, sexy y te hace resaltar tu cintura! En este outfit decidí usarla con shorts y unos tacones, aunque la blusa es tan versátil que puedes usarla con haigh waisted jeans, shorts o una falda y todas se verán igual de lindas y te versa súper sexy enseñando algo de piel a los costados de  la cadera, te recomiendo bastante conseguir una o hacerla, es muy simple!

Shorts: Levi’s

lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

Bloggers brunch

This is a super cute video that Gabi made from the blogger brunch, check her out and suscribe!!!!!!

Since I stared on lookbook and instagram I have always wanted to meet other bloggers to get to know them and ask a lot of doubts that I have about blogging and for a long time I just have meet some beautiful bloggers around my country but never face to face, then, a few weeks ago I saw a post from a cute girl named Vianey about a blogger brunch and the most exiting part was that the brunch was in my city!!!! I really was nervous about meeting other blogger but the day arrived and I spent such a wonderful time around this girls, we talked, laugh, and share some secrets but most important, I got the chance to meet them and we will continue hanging out. Something weird but so cool that I experience with this girls was that I was taking pics of the food, the place and us and I didn’t felt weird to do it, it was so normal that it really felt amazing because we were all doing the same and when I go with friends they stare at me like a weird person because I take pics. It was such an amazing experience!!!!!!

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