jueves, 21 de mayo de 2015

Harley girl

My dad is a huge fan of Harley Davidson, he always buys clothes with the logo and pictures, everything that involves Harley Davidson and I’m really not that into it but one day I arrived home from college and the first thing that I saw when I crossed the door was this awesome vest, it was truly love at first sight so I took it to try I ton and it was sooooo huge on me!!!! So I couldn’t took away the vest from my dad but I did a photo-shoot with it, in the photos it doesn’t look as huge as it is because I was making it smaller on the front but I just love the way it looks ¿have you had love at first sight with a clothing item? Well this was my first time and I will fin done that fits me =)

Vest: Harley Davidson

Black Dress: GAP

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