lunes, 6 de abril de 2015


I really love shoes and since 1 year ago I have become a huge fan. Sometimes a few of my shoes are a Little bit different that the regular ones and sometimes when I wear them I tend to feel a Little bit uncomfortable because I can feel when other people look at them because they are weird to them but obviously you can`t know what others think but you can always suppose some thing by looking at their reaction. A few days ago I was at my classroom with a team making homework and one girl said to me “¿where do you wet all your shoes?” I responded to her by saying that I don`t have an specific place to shop and them she told me “well I was just asking because you tend to use some weird shoes but at the same time they look so good on you and when I go shopping I can’t find shoes like yours” so, after that I really felt so good because now I have one good opinion and I think it was a great compliment and not that many persons do compliments so it felt great and I just wanted to share this awesome story with you because at the end what we think it wont be what others think so my advice to you is to wear what ever you want but always feeling secure.

Shoes: Zara

Top: GAP

Necklace: Vintage

Jeans: America Eagle

2 comentarios:

Olivia Aimes dijo...

loving this look!

Ilse Montalvan dijo...

I think those shoes are amazing, and dont be afraid to use what YOU like, that dont care about others opinion.