sábado, 10 de enero de 2015

Real de catorce


this is the first tunel to enter to Real de Catorce

 and this is the end and the beginning of Real de Catorce


 At the beginning of the horse trip to a ghost village

 This are some pics of the village
 This is the entrance to the mines from which the use to extract gold
 inside the mines!!! o.o
 the light is just because of the flash but the hole place was all dark and we were lighting up the place with the cellphones

 Ma boy!


 this was the view from the ghost village

caught in the selfie!


This was an awesome trip, we spent the whole day knowing Real de Catorce and it is magical, all we do was to go to the ghost village and we took a short trip on a Willi to know a old church that were 30 minutes away from the main entrance.
The trip to the ghost village was so exciting and when the horse walk started everything was fine, since little I always ride horses so I was not afraid but when the walk started to have precipices it all began to change, for my fortune, my horse was one of the horses that always searchs for land so all the way was covered in rocks so the only land left was the one the edge, I really was freacking out, I was dying because everything I could see was the precipice, you can’t imagine how afraid I was and to make it worst my horse stepped on a cactus so I was on the edge of the precipice, the horse was on 3 legs because he was trying to take him of the cactus and I was almost  crying.
Then the willys trip was in a old jeep that took us to an old church and all the way we were sitting on the top of the jeep.
Really was an amazing trip and if you are looking to spend a vacation or a single day trip Real de Catorce is ideal. Im going to leave you a link so you can see more about it.

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